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Plantation &Window Shutters
Stockport | Cheshire

Beautiful shutters made affordable

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Plantation Shutters Stockport
A timeless classic
Street front sophistication
Versatile venetian
An elegant finish
Solid Victorian Style
Delivered within 3 weeks

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Plantation Shutters Stockport, Cheshire & the North West

Shutter Me Beautiful is your local plantation expert in Stockport, Cheshire and the surrounding areas. We are a family owned and operated business, with a determination and desire to ensure that our customers receive the best quality made to measure shutters possible
We are leading suppliers and installers of bespoke plantation shutters in Stockport and the North West. We pride ourselves on offering a top quality product at affordable prices and cover the whole of the UK.

We have many years of experience within the industry and will work with you to design and then implement beautiful bespoke fit shutters. Many people are unaware of the drastic change a perfectly designed and fitted set of plantation shutters can make to a property, but once they have experienced the difference our shutters can make to a room, their only regret is not installing some sooner!


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Styles & Types 

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Bespoke shutter installment

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We have lots of videos online explaining the various shutters we have available, cleaning tips and lots more

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation or colonial  are a timeless classic that will add a distinguished look to any room.

Our Plantation styles are the perfect choice for giving your windows a classic look. These timeless shutters will add an authentic feel to any room and come in a variety of styles.
Our specially made shutters are designed just for you. Choose different size slats to drastically change the nature of a room. Smaller slats will reduce light levels, while larger slats will ensure more privacy for overlooked or larger windows.

Unique And Individually Designed In-House
A quick search on any internet browser will quickly turn up tens, maybe even hundreds of different online stores where various shutters can be bought. For many people though the purchase of their shutters is an important, creative decision, rather than simply buying an off the shelf, mass-produced low-quality product.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters

Our Café Style are ideal for ground level windows and town houses, Café style leaves the top of the window un-shuttered, using only shutters for the bottom part.

A great advantage of this style is that it maximises light whilst providing privacy.

Please take a look into the various installs we have carried out to see if Café Style shutters is the right solution for your windows.

The Café Style have enjoyed a recent increase in popularity, due to their versatility and unusual but beneficial balance between privacy and increased natural lighting.

The fact that only the bottom half of the window is covered means that an increased amount of light can enter the property versus a more traditional shutter installation. For homeowners on a busy street, Café Style shutters provide privacy without compromising on light. This is just one of the many advantages of these type of shutters, so let’s examine some of the other benefits below

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters

Style, light and privacy for rooms close to the street.
Tier on Tier shutters are made in the Venetian style and will add a distinguished look for homes. Versatility is a key feature of these shutters, with the upper and lower panels opening separately. This allows rooms that are close to the street greater light control while giving privacy at all times.
The Tier on Tier shutters are well suited to Victorian and Georgian homes, and can be a distinguished feature of bay windows.

Bespoke Tier On Tier 
Although there are very few negatives to choosing shutters over curtains, perhaps one of the most frequent complaints that are raised are about the lack of flexibility of a shutter system versus curtains or blinds. If you have your mindset of the superior look and quality of shutters but want to ensure flexibility, then tier on tier shutters provide the perfect solution.

Full Height Shutters

Full Height shutters

Full height shutters are the perfect option to bring a symmetrical and clean look to any window or door.
Our full height shutters are our most popular style owing to their versatile use and sophisticated look. Perfect for any window or door, their symmetrical look will bring a distinguished look to any room.

For taller panels, fitting a mid rail will help create a stronger shutter and is a cleaner looking finish. Adding a mid rail will help support the wooden slats, eliminating the risk of warping. They can also be fitted to allow the upper and lower slats to be opened independent, allowing for versatility.

Solid Panel Shutters

Solid Panel Shutters

For creating a bold, distinguished barrier against weather and noise.
Inspired by the Victorian era, our Solid Panel Shutters are perfect for creating a snug, secure home. The solid panel shutters give any room a bold, unique look and are adept at creating an extra barrier against noise and weather in homes near to busy road. These shutters are well suited to Victorian and Georgian homes, but will bring a distinguished look to any home. Made from high quality woods, the Solid Panel Shutters are available in Poplar or Elm.

Custom Solid Panel Shutters
Our solid panel shutters provide a totally different and unique alternative to the standard image of a shutter that most people would imagine. Comprising of solid panels of wood, there are no louvres, meaning that the only way to let light into the property once these shutters are fitted is to slide open the full panel.

Express Shutters

Express shutters

Here at Shutter Me Beautiful we can now offer our customers the ‘Express’ shutter!

This product can be measured for and supplied with four weeks. The standard lead time for shutter is 10-12 weeks, with the Express shutter that long lead time is more than halved! If your desired configuration matches the products portfolio then you could be getting your shutters in double quick time.
Whatever your shutter requirements are ask about our brand new and exciting Express shutter service.

Express Shutters Made to Measure
The average length of time from original order to delivery and installation of our shutters is usually around 10 to 12 weeks. Considering that our shutters are built to order, specifically to your individual bespoke requirements, this is an excellent turnaround time, but we understand that in certain circumstances our clients need delivery much quicker.



We pride ourselves on customer service.

"We have recently had a full set of plantation shutters installed by Mark. We can not thank him enough. It really has changed our windows and we would highly recommend giving Mark a call."

“Huge thanks to all at shuttermebeautiful, you really have changed our house in to a home. Great attention to detail and price, have recommended you to our friends”

“5* service from Mark and his team. We had some Cafe Style shutters recently installed at our restaurant and it has thoroughly changed the look and feel of the premises. Many Thanks”